Apply to be a part of The New Mothers' Writing Circle

The New Mothers’ Writing Circle is a pilot project which will bring together a group of new mothers with the aim of encouraging and empowering them to reflect on their personal journeys during the transformational first few months of motherhood.

The project will revolve around a series of structured creative writing workshops, aimed at  sparking ideas and encouraging reflection, as well as looking at existing writing on motherhood. The workshops are free and you do not need have any experience in creative writing! We are looking for people who are inspired to have a go and get stuck in!

Key Dates

Participants should be able to take part in each workshop, 10am - 12.15pm.


Please note the following dates:​

  • 5th March

  • 19th March

  • 2nd April

  • 23rd April

  • 7th May

  • 21st May

  • 4th June

  • 18th June


There will also be an additional event - a celebration of the project and possibly a sharing of work, for those who wish to take part - at a later date during the summer.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via our contact page or email us at

Apply to be a Part of The New Mothers' Writing Circle


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