The forum is a place for members of The New Mother Mothers' Writing Circle to share their writing and receive constructive criticism from others in the group. If you wish to receive feedback let us know at the bottom of your post by writing 'feedback welcome' or if you just want to share without feedback let us know by writing 'sharing only'. Please read the code of conduct below before posting or commenting, it is just some things to bear in mind when giving constructive criticism.

We can't wait to read all your fantastic work!

Welcome to the New Mothers' Writing Circle Forum


Code of Conduct

  • Essentially, everything will come back to common sense and "be kind". 

  • We're a creative writing group not a class - it's about being supportive rather than tearing anything apart. 

  • We are all here for the same reason: we all want to find ways into writing (whether we want to share it or not). We’re making ourselves vulnerable, trying things out. Nothing is set in stone. This is a time of learning and experimentation in a safe space. 

  • Freaking out about putting words out there is incredibly common. Without fail, (best-selling, professional) authors will apologise for how "crap" they think their first draft is when they send it to me. But remember: if you don't write SOMETHING then you have nothing to work with.

  • It doesn't have to be "perfect" - if you see something obvious that you want to correct before sending, then do, but don't worry about editing it too much. The main thing is putting something out there.

  • Don’t worry too much about grammar, spelling etc, either when critiquing work or when writing. 

  • Let's try and make a judgement call about what we decide to put out there. When choosing readings and poems etc, I try and imagine how I would feel reading it in a raw state. They can be authentic, honest and thought provoking without being too graphic or upsetting. 

  • NOTE - Should we add something about trigger warnings. Like if it has something triggering just make a not at the top so that people can choose wether or not to read it?

  • GOOD LUCK all and courage - this is the hardest, most rewarding bit. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us via our contact page or email us at