Inspiration. Reflection. Motherhood.

The first months with a baby are a time of seismic change for any new mother. A shift in her identity with new, unparalleled responsibility, waves of love, amazement and joy mingled with utter exhaustion, confusion and sometimes boredom. Mothers can find themselves busy within a schedule of naps, feeds and baby-centred classes with very little time to take stock of their experiences or reflect on life as they now find it.


The New Mothers' Writing Circle is aimed at nurturing the mother, sparking her imagination and supporting her transition to motherhood through creative writing. Over the course of 5 months we'll explore techniques to get pens onto paper, look at existing writings on motherhood and meet working authors who have written around having children. 

*On this website, the use of the word ‘woman’ is intended as inclusive of any person who ‘births’ or identifies as a ‘woman’, ‘mother’ or ‘gender non-conforming parent’.

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